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  • Outdoor Condensing Unit

    1. Famous hermetic scroll compressor, Panasonic/Sanyo, Hitachi, Copeland;

    2. Copper tubes with aluminium fins condenser, copper fins is also optional;
    3. Ultra low noise axial condensing fan.
    4. Cooling capacity: 13~156kw.
    5. Refrigerant: R22,R407C/R410A,R134A;
    6. Power supply:380~415V/3PH/50Hz, 440V/3PH/60Hz, 460~480V/3PH/60Hz, 220V/3PH/60Hz


  • DX Ceiling Split Air Conditioner

    1.Ceiling or horizontal mounted split type air conditioner, saving installation place.

    2.A wide range of cooling capacity: 13~78kw, in total have 11 models.

    3. Hermetic scroll compressor,Sanyo/Panasonic,  Daikin, etc.

    4. Centrifugal supply fan,low noise for indoor installation.

    5. Environment-friendly refrigerant R407C/R410A.


  • Packaged Air Conditioners For Facilities & Factories

    1. Cooling capacity: 9.9kw~238kw, wide range, suitable for Facilities & Factories.

    2. Panasonic/Hitachi/Copeland compressors, individual circuit for each compressor.
    3. High efficiency shell and tube water cooled condenser;
    4. Power supply: 380V/3PH/50Hz, 440V/3PH/60Hz, 460v/3ph/60Hz, 220v/3ph/60Hz, .
    5. Refrigerant:R22,R407C,R410A;

    6. Ceiling mounted, floor mounted duct type or ductless type.

  • Industrial Water Cooled Liquid Chiller (30~600RT)

    1. Easy Installation & Maintenance

    ◆Chiller unit, cooling water pump, chilled water pump, water tank, water pipe, valves and controller can be built in one common chassis unit;

    1. Cost saving

    System unit electrical components and controller are centralized in a single central control cabinet. So, it lessen control boxes and systems are more reliable.

    Packaged construction, less occupied space, flexible placement.

    1. High Efficiency

    Highest COP up to 6.0 Optional heat recovery unit, H’Stars’s patent product Recoverable heat is 30-80% of the rated cooling capacity, supplying free hot water up to 70℃. COP is increased by 5% with heat recovery option.

    4.Reliability and Stability

    ◆Main components: the evaporator and condenser are produced by the H’Stars, by optimized component matching software Double refrigerant circuits design with standby capacity 7 protection devices With National Test Laboratory to test unit for performance and quality assurance

    1. Intelligent Control

    ◆Adopting MCU or PLC, Remote control available,BMS compatible with Rs485

  • R134a Flooded Water Cooled Screw Chiller 250RT

    Flooded water cooled screw liquid chiller

    1. COP is up to 5.2,10%-15% energy saving compared with dry type chiller
    2. It adopts flooded type screw compressor which is stable, low noise and long operating life.
    3. Self R&D for high-efficiency flooded type shell and tube heat exchanger, compact structure and high heat exchanging efficiency.
    4. Well-known brand electronic expansion valve is adopted.
    5. Evaporator refrigerant injection and oil return technology is applied.
    6. It adopts impact and interception oil separation technology, high efficiency oil separator.
    7. Option choice of self R&D Heat Recovery Unit patent to supply free living hot water.
  • 125Tons Air Cooled Liquid Chiller R134a (T3 Condition)

    1. Cooling capacity:80Tons–108Tons(280kw~380kw)
    2. Eco-friendly refrigerant, R134a;
    3. Dual Circuits, hanbell screw high efficiency compressors;
    4. Shell and tube evaporators of high quality and efficiency copper tubes
    5. Intelligent microprocessor touch-screen control system;
    6. Copper tubes with blue aluminum fins air cooled condensers.
  • Outdoor Double Wall Air Handling Unit

    Outdoor Double Wall Air Handling Unit


    1. Double wall panels: 25mm and 50mm thickness PU foam insulation.
    2. High strength aluminum frame, painted galvanized steel sheet and stainless steel sheet available.
    3. DIDW Centrifugal fan, backward or forward type, plug fan is also available.
    4. High efficiency motor, famous brand, long service life, variable frequency type optional;
    5. Coil selection software is available, optimum design, good cooling performance;
    6. Exterior installation, with canopy and fresh air hood.
  • Heat Recovery Water Cooled Chiller 600kW~1000kW

    Heat Recovery Water Cooled Screw Type Chiller  R407C

    1. Cooling capacity range: 600 -1000 kW ( 170-284 TR);
    2.  COP 4.1 ~ 4.98; Can reach more than 6 for flooded chiller
    3. Shell and Tube type Condenser;
    4. Shell and Tube Evaporator, optiontal Heat Recovery Condenser;
    5. 10 years proven touch screen control boards, BMS compatible with RS485;
    6. Free hot water supplying system.
    7. Heavy gauge support Plates;

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Lingdo Industrial Limited began its HVAC business since 2013, based in Foshan, China. We specialize in supplying Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration(HVACR) equipment and spare parts, offer cooling and heating solutions for a wide range of needs in industrial, commercial and marine applications across the world.

We represent and export various HVACR products from well established and most reputed brands in China. Air Conditioning is our core business and strength over the years. We not only sell present products, also keep looking for innovative products to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients and meet their special needs. Customized service is provided for each client.

Our factories have been engaged in HVAC field for near 20 years and have rich experience in manufacturing HVAC equipment. All factories have passed the certification of quality system ISO9001:2008 and environment system ISO14001:2004, gotten Production License for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. CE Certificate, TUV Certificate, SGS Certificate are also available for some products. With advanced equipment and technology, we promise all products are tested and qualified before delivery.

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