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DX Type Air handling unit

DX Type Air handling unit

DX Type Air Handling Unit

Package Air Handling Unit



1. DX air handling unit is applied in many fields which require control of temperature, humidity and clean class, like electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry,food industry,hospitals, cleanrooms, etc;

2. The air handling unit can combine different sections freely, mixing air section, prefilter,DX/chilled water cooling coil, electric heater or heating coil, bag filters, humidifiers, eliminators, supply air section;

3. Aluminium alloy frame, double skin panels, color steel plate or galvanized steel sheet, 30mm or 50mm thick polyurethane panel insulation;  Low air leakage. 

4. Famous brand double air intake centrifugal fan, backward or forward type; Three phase asynchronous motor, protection level IP54 or IP55, Class F;  

5. Accessories: hinged access door, inspection lamp, air damper.

6. PLC or DDC control system is optional. 


Modular Air Handling Unit


Modular Air Handling Unit