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Double Skin Air Handling Units

Double Skin Air Handling Units

Double Skin Air Handling Units


Aluminium Alloy Frame, Double Skin Insulated Panel:

Aluminium alloy frame, better strength and superior anti corrosion performance.

Both internal panel and external panel adopt colored galvanized steel sheets as standard, optional stainless steel panel. 50mm thickness polyurethane(PU) foam with density of 45kg/m3. Overall thermal performance up to European standard T1 level, anti-cold bridge performance level of not less than TB2(EN1886). 

Fan: adopts famous brand double inlet centrifugal fan, all blades and whole fan unit have undergone rigorous static and dynamic balance test before leaving factory, and some has passed by AMCA authorized certification.

Motor: world famous brand TEFC motor, protection class IP54 or IP55, F class insulation. 

Optional coils: anti corrosion hydrophilic aluminium fins coil / steam heating coil / direct expansion(DX) coil / copper fins coil.

Humidification method: 

Dry steam humidifier, electrode humidifier, electric type steam humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier,etc


Optional filters: Primary filter(G3~G4), Medium bag filter(F5~F9),  high efficiency filter(H10~H13), fiber-carbon activated filter and other special filters. 

Accessories: Every section requires inspection is provided with an outward opening access door,  good sealing performance whether positive or negative. 

24V waterproof light is equipped for each inspection space. 

Air Volume: 2000~60000m3/h





Modular Air Handling Unit Cooling Data

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