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Ducted Air Conditioner Split System (R410a)

Ducted Air Conditioner Split System (R410a)

Ducted Air Conditioner Split System (R410a)





1. Suitable buildings: factories, shopping markets, cinemas, schools, hotels, etc.

2. Floor mounted duct connection, high static pressure, meet different applications

3. LCD Microcomputer control: automatic control program, easy operation, adjust temperature to the environment

4. Sanyo high performance flexible scroll compressor.

5. Copper tubes with aluminium fins heat exchanger,mechanically expanded tube, copper fins is optional. 


6. Wide range of cooling capacity, up to 124kW(35TR).

7. Eco-friendly refrigerant: R407C, R410A


8. Different operation mode for option: cooling only, heat pump type, cooling with electric heating type. 


9. Other power supply available: 440V/3PH/60Hz, 220V/3PH/60Hz


Ducted air conditioner split system

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