Air Cooled Screw Chiller(R407C,30Tons–61Tons)

Air Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller

  1. Cooling capacity:30RT–60RT, Single circuit.
  2. Hanbell screw high efficiency compressors and well-known electric components
  3. Shell and tube evaporators of high quality and efficiency copper tubes
  4. Intelligent microprocessor touch-screen control system;
  5. Copper tubes with blue aluminium fins air cooled condensers.
  6. Heat recovery system is available, produce 50~55℃ hot water.
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Air Cooled Screw Chiller (R407C, 30Tons–61Tons), 111kW~215kW

  • Cooling capacity:3ORT–61RT, Single Circuit;
  • Made of advanced 5:6 screw high efficiency compressors and well-known electric components;
  • Shell and tube evaporators of high quality and efficiency copper tube;
  • Equipped with intelligent microprocessor touch-screen control system, offering signals such as pressure, temperature and current etc.
  • High efficiency, low noise, sufficient capacity, convenient of operation;
  • Copper tubes with aluminum fins air cooled condensers, no need water cooling system;
  • Heat recovery system is optional, provide sanitary hot water for free.

Air Cooled Screw Chiller (R407c, 30RT~61RT)

Specifications of Air Cooled Screw Chiller 50Hz, R407c

CAL Series Air Cooled Screw Type Chiller (With Heat Recovery)
Model  CAL-N110AS160AS210AS240AS
Rated cooling


×1000 Kcal/h95.2138.6184.7218.7
Comp.input PowerX Qty(KW)34.6X148.2X163.8×170.5×1
 Power supply3φ-380V-50Hz
 Protection devicePhase reverse protection, lack phase protection,

over current protection, discharge temperature

protection, high and low pressure protection,

low temperature protection, water flow protection,etc

 Number of refrigeration


 Capacity control %0,66,1000,50,75,100
Refrigerant Charge(kg)30425668
Air Cooled Heat ExchangerRipple Aluminum Fins

Around Copper Pipe

Water Side



Dia.Of Pipe(inch)2-1/2″3″3″3″
Water Side Max

Pressure (Mpa)

Chilled Water Folw (m3/h)19.027.736.943.7
Water Pressure drop(Kpa)28334855
Axial Fan
Air Flow×1000  m3/h40.256.880.485.2
PowerX Qty(KW)2.0×21.2×42.0×41.2×6
Running noise dB(AH)68686868
Total Weight(kg)1160173025902670
 Runnig weight(kg)1270192028102900

Air Cooled Screw Chiller  CAL-N110AS~210AS

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