Energy Recovery Fresh Air Unit

  1. Air Flow: 1000~10000CFM.
  2.  25/50mm double wall construction,  galvanized steel panels.
  3.  Power supply: 380~415V/3PH/50Hz, 220V/3PH/60Hz, 440V/3PH/60Hz, 460~480V/3ph/60Hz
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Wheel Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit

  • Horizontal and vertical mounted according to requirements;
  • 25/50mm double wall construction,  galvanized steel panels.
  • High efficiency centrifugal DIDW fan;
  • Full heat recovery high efficiency heat recovery wheel.
  • Prefilter is equipped as standard, higher efficiency filter is optional;
  • Air volume:1000~10000CFM.

Air Flow: 1000~100000CFM.



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