Heat Pump Fresh Air Unit

  1. Air Flow: 1000~10000CFM.
  2.  Single/double wall construction,  galvanized steel panels.
  3.  Energy saving, can be used for pre-cooling or be preheating fresh air.
  4. Compressor inside, high efficiency.
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Heat Pump Heat Recovery Unit

1. Famous brand scroll compressor, external balance thermostatic expansion valve, solenoid valve, copper tubes with hydrophilic aluminum fins heat exchanger.
2. Fully fresh air, high air quality.
Fresh air from outside can be directly treated by the unit and indoor polluted air extract from this unit.The heat exchange channel between fresh air and exhaust air not only meet the air conditioning requirements but also ensure cleanness of fresh air, prohibiting cross-contamination of air.
3. Independent fresh air refrigerant system
Compared to conventional chilled water systems, the evaporating temperature of the unit is 8~10 ℃ higher, and no need for heat exchange of chilled water, the COP improves more than 30%.
4. No need of cooling tower and outdoor unit
The units adopt copper fins with aluminum fins condenser, could be cooled directly by exhaust air, lower condensing temperature, improve refrigeration performance.
Compact and packaged design, no need outdoor unit or cooling tower, save investment cost and installation space, lower maintenance fees.
5. Eco-friendly refrigerant R407C, R410A could be used.


Specifications of Heat Pump Fresh Air Unit

Model HAX040HAX050HAX060HAX070
Cooling capacitykW19232833
Heatiing capacitykW2024.33035
Air Flowm3/h4000500060007000
Power supply 380V/3PH/50Hz
Supply fanType Centrifugal type
Air volumem3/h4000500060007000
External static


Motor powerkW0.751.11.52.2
Drive method Driect drive/ Belt drive
Exhaust fanType Centrifugal type
Air volumem3/h3600`450054006300
External static


Motor powerkW0.751.11.52.2
Drive method Driect drive
Plate Heat recovery (optional)


Type Plate type heat recovery
Material Aluminium core
 Recovery efficiency ≥88%≥88%≥88%≥88%
Recovery efficiency

(without plate heat exchanger)

RefrigerantR22 (optional R407C/R410A)
Noise leveldB(A)51525253
Dimensions(L*W*H)-ceiling mounted(standard type)mm1800*1200








Net weightkg550590650780



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