Mini Air Cooled Water Chiller 5HP~15HP

Mini Air Cooled Water Chiller 5HP~15HP

1.Cooling Capacity: 10kW~86.8kW(5HP~15HP);

2.Chilled Water Outlet Temperature Range:5℃ to 10℃;

3.Water pump and expansion tank equipped inside, easy installation and maintenance, low cost;

4.Famous Brand Scroll Type Compressor, Daikin, Sanyo, etc.

5.Available for R-22, 134a, R407C ,etc

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Product Description

Mini Air Cooled Water Chiller With Scroll Compressor 5HP~15HP


1. Famous brand hermetic scroll compressor, Hitachi, Sanyo, Daikin etc.
2. Intelligent control: LCD intelligent controller, individual system for each compressor, start and close according to the capacity requirement, saving energy.
3.  High-efficiency air-cooled condenser,  ultra-low noise axial  condensing fan, copper tubes with hydrophilic aluminum fins condenser;
4. Dry type shell and tube evaporator: steady performance and high exchange efficiency;
5. Modular design: flexible combination, can control the start and stop of 16 modules at the most, especially convenient for central control management.
6. Compact size, easy installation and maintenance, no need cooling tower.
7. Complete safety devices: high/low pressure switch, anti-frozen, overload protection, overheat                      protection, reverse&lack phase protection, etc;
8. Galvanized steel sheet, outside powder coated, anti-corrosion and weatherproof type.
9. Refrigerant: R22, R407C, optional R134a.

10. Water Pump and expansion tank equipped inside.

Mini Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller R22/R407C


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