Modular Air Handling Unit

Modular Air Handling Unit

  1. Modular design, flexible combination;
  2. Air Flow:1000CFM~40000CFM;
  3. Chilled water coil, 4rows,6row, 8rows, 10FPI;
  4. Nicotra/Deton Centrifugal fan or plug fan;
  5.  Famous brand motor, IP54/IP55, class F, variable frequency type available;
  6. Software selection, optimized design.
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1. Frame and panel: Aluminium alloy frame, anti cold bridge design;
Double wall panels, 25mm and 50mm thick for option;
Prepainted galvanized steel or stainless steel according to client’s requirement.
2. Access door: negative/positive pressure access door,low air leakage. Access window is offered for supply fan section.
3. Famous brand DIDW centrifugal fan, Kruger, Nicotra, Yilida, etc; Plug fan is optional;
4. Motor: good quality motor(IP54/IP55), insulation class F. Brand Siemens,Wannan,Jiangcheng,etc
Variable frequency motor is available, ready for VFD start.
5. Heater/Heat exchanger:
Heaters available: electric heater or steam heater
Heat exchangers available: chilled/hot water, steam heating coil, copper tubes with aluminium fins.All coils are selected by professional software.
Stainless steel or galvanized steel framework, anti-corrosion and high durability.
All coils are tested by 2.5MPa air pressure leak test.
6. Drain pan: easy drainage, stainless steel or painted galvanized steel.
7. Filteration: Adopt nylon or metal mesh prefilter, non woven plate filter for primary filter G3~G4(Efficiency 35%~75%), bag filter for secondary filter F7~F9(efficiency 80%~95%), HEPA filter or special function filter is optional
8. Air damper: aluminium alloy damper, manual operation or electronic regulation.
9. Customized air handling units are offered as per requirements.


1.Air Flow: 1000CFM~40000CFM

2. Cooling Coils: 10FPI, 4 rows, 6rows, 8rows according to cooling capacity;

3. Power supply: 380~415V/3PH/50Hz, 220V/3PH/60Hz, 440V/3PH/60Hz, 460~480V/3ph/60Hz

Modular Air Handling Unit

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