Multi-Split Type Air Conditioners(VRV/VRF)

Multi-Split Type Air Conditioners(VRV/VRF)

Branded Manufacturer Commercial CAC VRF Air Conditioners-Outdoor Unit ODU

  1. Wide Capacity Range, single unit up to 30HP. Combined units, maximum 3*30HP up to 90HP.
  2. High efficiency. R410A DC full inverter compressor, DC fan motor, saving energy at the most.
  3. Wide Operating Temperature Range. Ambient temperature range from -5℃~55℃.
  4. Through AHU kits, it can be connected with DX AHU.
  5. Various indoor units for option.
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Commercial Air Conditioner,  Multi Split type Air Conditioner

VRV/VRF VC Pro Series Outdoor Unit, Cooling Only

V6 Series Outdoor Unit, Heat Pump

  1. Wide Capacity RangeFor single unit, the footprint is small and maximum capacity is up to 30HP. For combined units, maximum three 30HP units can be combined with capacity up to 90HP.
  2. High efficiency, high reliability, full Inverter compressors, full DC fan motors, 7 levels of energy management;Backup operation for maintenance(compressor backup,  module backup);
  3. Wide Operating Temperature RangeThe VC Pro VRF can operate stably in a wide ambient temperature range: from -5°C to 55°C in cooling mode.4. Long Piping Capability   
    • Total piping length: 1000m
    • Longest piping length-actual (equivalent): 175m(200m)
    • Longest piping length after the first branch: 40/90*m
    • The level difference between IDUs and ODU-ODU above (below): 90m (110m)
    • The level difference between IDUs: 30m

    *The longest length after 1st branch is 40m as standard but can be extended up to 90m under certain conditions. Pls contact for special conditions.

5. Various indoor units for option

VRF Outdoor Unit Specifications 22~30HP

VRF Commercial air conditioners are widely used in the following buildings:

  1. Large residential buildings, like multi-family residences, large high-rise villas;
  2. Schools, libraries, banks, conference centers;
  3. Shopping malls, supermarkets;
  4. Hotels, entertainment centers;
  5. Office buildings;
  6. Health care, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, match with DX AHU;