R410A Water Cooled Air Conditioner 33~67Tons

R410A Water Cooled Air Conditioner 33~67Tons

1. Cooling capacity: 9.9kw~238kw.
2. High efficiency shell and tube water cooled condenser;
3. Power supply: 380V/3PH/50Hz,other power supply also available.
4. Refrigerant:R22,R407C, R410A;

5. Floor mounted duct type, floor mounted ductless type, ceiling mounted type available.


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1. Flexible hermetic scroll compressor: brand Hitachi, Copeland, etc.
2. Independent refrigerant system: each compressor is equipped with an independent refrigerant circuit, easy for energy regulation, save energy and ensure running reliability.
3. Freshwater cooled condenser: shell and tube type, high heat exchange efficiency, could be cleaned through mechanical or chemical method, more easier for maintenance.
4. Microcomputer controller: simple interface, adjust the temperature automatically, convenient for operation and easy for maintenance.
5. Galvanized steel sheet, electrostatic coating outside, anti-corrosion.
6. Floor standing duct connection type, higher static pressure available, meet requirements of different occasions.

7. Wide cooling capacity: 9.9kw~238kw.

Water Cooled Air Conditioner Unit 33~67Tons

Rated Cooling Cap.BTU/h396000452000509000565000622000678000815000
Electric heater(optional)kW6072788496105120
Air Flow  m3/hDuct Type19200216002350026800286003280038000
ESP  PaDuct Type260280300320320360400
Noise level dB(A)Duct Type67686970727273
Power Supply380~415V/3PH/50Hz ( Other 60Hz power supply are also available)
CompressorTypeHermetic Flexible Scroll Type Compressor
CondenserTypeShell and Tube Type
Water Flowm3/h21.624.4283236.54042
Pressure DropkPa3.
Conn. Pipe Sizein/mm2 1/2"/DN652×2"/DN502×2"/DN502×2"/DN502 1/2"/DN65+
2 1/2"/DN65+
2×2 1/2"/DN65
EvaporatorTypeCopper tubes with aluminium fins
Fins TypeDouble grooved aluminum fins/Honeycomb aluminium fins
ThrottleThermal Expansion Valve
Supply FanTypeUltra Low Noise Centrifugal Type
Drive methodBelt Drive
Motor Power kWDuct7.57.57.511111115
Net weightkg80091010001080120012601465
DimensionsLength  mm2180270027002700270029003200
Width  mm1230148015801580163016801780
Height  mm2000200020002000200021002200

1. Nominal cooling condition: Indoor 27℃ DB/19℃ WB, Inlet/outlet cooled water temperature 30/35℃.

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