VRF Mini Series Heat Pump 12~18kW

  • Mini VRF for small commercial buildings
  • Heating and cooling, Capacity: 12.3kW, 14kW, 15.5kW, 17.5kW, 4 models
  • 380~415V, 3PH,50Hz/60Hz
  • Double rotor DC-Inverter compressor with high efficiency and low noise and vibration;
  • DC-Inverter fan motors;
  • Compact, Easy Installation
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VRF/VRV System is a multi-split type air conditioner system for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control to provide customers with the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building.

VRF system has the following features:

  1. DC Inverter Compressor

DC inverter compressor makes the output of the outdoor  unit be modulated by the cooling or heating demands of the zone that it controls. This advanced system ensures precise temperature regulation and highly eÿcient energy usage, making a significant contribution to limiting the impact on the environment.


2. Wide Capacity Range

Mini VRF series has two options, standard series and mini series.

For standard series, it has 6 models from 8kW to 18kW.  For mini series, it has 5 models from 8kW to 16kW.

The mini VRF is perfect for commercial and residential applications: small offices, villas, apartments, shops, etc.

3. Long Piping Capability

4. More Convenient Piping Connector-Branch Box

5. Easy Installation

The mini VRF with small size can be transported by an elevator which makes installation dramatically easy, and effectively reduces time and labor.

6. Four-way piping Connection

Mini VRF Standard Series- Heat Pump




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