Water-Cooled Chillers

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Capacity Range: 56 to 472 tons(R134a),  52 to 629 tons(R407C);
  •  Refrigerant: R-407C, R-134a
  • Compressor Design: semi-hermetic screw, Bitzer/Refcomp/Hanbell available.
  • Heat exchanger: shell and tube type
  • Chilled water temperature:5~15℃
  • Capacity Control: Stepless control or multi-steps control
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER):15.3~18.8, COP 4.5~5.5
  • Power Supply: 380~415V/3PH/50Hz,460~480/3PH/60Hz
  • Single circuits or dual circuits based on requirements.


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Water Cooled Screw Chillers

  1. The water-cooled screw chiller adopts the most advanced 5:6 high-efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor;

2. These series have 35 models, and the cooling capacity range: 183-2300kW(50~630Tons).

3. Microcomputer touch screen control system, convenient operation interface and timely feedback of various maintenance information.

4. Multi-stage or stepless capacity control;

5. A variety of safety protection measures ensure the unit in normal operation for long time. Provide emergency stop and power plug for maintenance tools use.

6. High efficiency, energy-saving, stable operation and durability, suitable for central air conditioning in various places.

7. The chiller can also be equipped with a heat recovery device according to the needs of users to recycle the “waste heat” dissipated into the atmosphere and provide users with hot water at 50~60℃, making it more suitable for hotels, dormitories. While providing chilled water for factory production, it can also make hot water for tourists and workers.

8. All units have passed the national safety inspection system test before leaving the factory to ensure that the unit performance meets national standards.


    Water Cooled Screw Chiller
Rated Cooling Cap.kW183198223226254265289307329348
Comp. Input Power  kW4038.847.
Running current    A747588859498107107119129
Power Supply380V /3PH /50Hz  (Check for 60Hz)
Safety Devices Phase reversion protection, phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, discharge temperature protection, high and low pressure protection, low-temperature protection, water flow protection
Refrigerant Circuits1111111111
Capacity Control %Stepless Capacity Control        or       0,50,75, 100
Control ModeMicrocomputer Control
Refrigerant Charge   kg34374142474953576164
CondenserCopper tubes with hydrophilic corrugated aluminum fins
EvaporatorTypeShell and Tube
Maximum pressure MPa1
IN/OUT pipe inch3"3"3"4"4"
CW IN/OUT Temp. ℃12/712/712/712/712/7
Water flow  m3/h31.534.038.338.843.745.649.852.856.659.8
Pressure Drop KPa3538465060
CondenserTypeShell and Tube
Maximum pressure MPa1
IN/OUT pipe inch3"3"3"4"4"
CW IN/OUT Temp. ℃30/3530/3530/3530/3530/35
Water flow  m3/h38.340.746.446.452.554.859.762.967.971.4
Pressure Drop KPa3236424655
Operation Noise dB(A)70627061716570707571
Unit Weight(kg)12501320149015201640
Operation Weight(kg)15001580179018201970
Unit dimensions(L*W*H)   mm2200*850*12002500*1000*13002900*1050*14002900*1050*14002900*1050*1400
Note: The above data are gotten under the following testing conditions:
1. Nominal cooling capacity:inlet/outlet chilled water 12/7℃, condenser inlet/outlet water temp. 30/35℃, fouling factor 0.088 m2 ℃/kW;
2. When condenser inlet/outlet water temp. is 32/37℃, chilled water temperaturer has no change, cooling temperature is 0.975 of rated cooling capacity.
3. Chilled water temperature range 5~15℃(R407C),  5~20℃(R134a);
4. Condenser water temperature: 20~40℃(R407C), 25~45℃(R134a).
5. The specifications may have some changes due to product improvement without notice.

1. Chillers are widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing and other industrial refrigeration processes

2. large shopping malls, hotels, factories, hospitals and other central air-conditioning projects

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