R22 Water Cooled Package Unit 40Tons

1. Cooling capacity: 9.9kw~238kw.
2. High efficiency shell and tube water cooled condenser;
3. Power supply: 380V/3PH/50Hz,other power supply also available.
4. Refrigerant:R22,R407C;


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1. Flexible hermetic scroll compressor: brand Hitachi, Copeland,etc.
2. Independent refrigerant system: each compressor is equipped with an independent refrigerant circuit, easy for energy regulation, save energy and ensure running reliability.
3. Fresh water cooled condenser: shell and tube type, high heat exchange efficiency, could be cleaned through mechanical or chemical method, more easier for maintenance.
4. Microcomputer controller: simple interface, adjust temperature automatically, convenient for operation and easy for maintenance.
5. Galvanized steel sheet, electrostatic coating outside, anti-corrosion.
6. Floor standing duct connection type, higher static pressure available, meet requirements of different occasions.                                           7. Wide cooling capacity: 9.9kw~238kw.

Water Cooled Package Unit

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