CWL Water Cooled Screw Chiller R407C (160~240RT)

CWL Water Cooled Screw Chiller R407C (160~240RT)

Water Cooled Screw Type Chiller  R407C

  1. Cooling capacity range: 563 -801 kW ((160~227RT));
  2.  COP 4.1 ~ 4.98;
  3. Shell and Tube type Condenser;
  4. Shell and Tube Evaporator, optiontal Heat Recovery Condenser;
  5. 10 years proven touch screen control boards, BMS compatible with RS485;
  6. Cabinet for outdoor installation;
  7. Heavy gauge support Plates;
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1. Cooling capacity range from 98KW to 3167KW;

2. Refrigerant: option for R22, R407C, R134A, R404A

3. Hanbell screw compressor, 50000-80000 hours defect free;

4. High efficiency Shell and Tube Condenser and Evaporator;

5. Option for heat recovery unit, which could provide 55oC hot water for free to end user;

6. Danfoss/ Alco Expansion Valve;

7. Option for DDC and PLC control;

8. BMS compatible with RS485;

9. 10 years proven touch screen control boards;

10. Stable quality, long operating life time.

11. Standard is 380V/3PH/50Hz, different power supply available.

CWL Series Water Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller 

CWL Series Water Cooled Screw Type Chiller 160RT~240RT
Model  CWL~(N)530WS580WS600WS700WS770WS
Rated Cooling


×1000 kcal/h503.5483.7545.3515.5566.3539.1659.5627.3724.3688.9
Input PowerkW111.7109.3120.3115.9124.1122.2143.0140.6158.7154.5
Operating current  A197.7193.5212.8205.1219.6216.1253.0248.8280.7273.3
Power Supply3φ~380~415V/50Hz
Safety DevicesPhase reverse protection, lack phase protection,over current protection,

discharge temperature protection, high and low pressure protection, low

temperature protection, water flow protection,etc

Refrigerant Circuits11111
Energy Control  %0,50,75,100
Refrigerant Charge  kg102110115134148
Condenser Shell-and-Tube Type
Water Side Max Pressure (Mpa)1
Condenser Inlet/Outlet

Pipe Size  in

Cooled Water Flow  m3/h119.9115.5129.8123.0134.6128.8156.5149.6172.2164.3
Condenser Press.Drop  KPa51515151585865656767
Evaporator Shell-and-Tube Type
Water Side Max Pressure (Mpa)1
Evaporator Inlet/Outlet

Pipe Size  in

Chilled Water Flow m3/h100.796.7109.1103.1113.3107.8131.9125.5144.9137.8
Evaporator Press.Drop  KPa47476363797940405858
Operation Noise  dB(A)7274747474
Unit weight  kg25202730282029803220
Run weight  kg28003020324034003750

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