What’s the difference between split AC and Mini VRF and Mini Chiller?

HVAC sytem, as the most power consumption equipment for buildings,  it’s very important to select the right air conditioning system for your home.

As we talk with many owners, we find many of them are confused about the difference of split AC, mini VRF and mini chiller system.

Today we’ll show you the differences among the three different systems:

  1. Split AC,  one outdoor unit match with one indoor unit, which is also the traditional ac for residential applications.

2. Mini VRF,  one outdoor unit can connect to multi indoor units, usually maximum 6 indoor units for 18kW outdoor unit;

3. Mini Chiller, as the name shows, it is chiller system, the chiller and indoor fan coils are connected through water pipes, not copper tubes;


The below table shows the comparison of Split AC, Mini VRF and Mini Chiller from different aspects, pls check for reference.


In a word, if you want to choose the most economic one, the split AC will be your best choice;

If you have large villas, considering both cost, comfort, and power consumption,  it’s a good choice to select the Mini VRF system;

If you purchase the most comfortable and don’t consider of cost, or you want the HVAC system to provide hot water at the same time,  the mini chiller system will be suitable for you.



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