DX Modular Air Handling Unit

DX Modular Air Handling Unit

  •  25mm(1″) and 50mm(2″) double wall panels.
  • precoated galvanized steel sheet or 304 stainless steel sheet
  • DX copper tubes with aluminum fins coils(Copper coils for option);
  • Various filter sections, G4, F7/F8, H12/H13/H14,etc.
  • Centrifugal fan, plug fan, EC fan for options
  • Standard motor, variable ready motor for option;
  • Optional sections: wheel heat recovery, dehumidifying, etc
  • Customized design based on requirements.
  • Different kinds of power supply are available.


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Best solution for hospitals, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic industries, food industries, etc.

VRF Outdoor Unit + DX Modular Air Handling Units. 

A DX modular air handling unit usually contains a mixing box, filter sections, dx cooling coil, heating coil(optional), supply air section, etc. They are modular design, can combine all the required modules flexibly based on requirements.


Air Flow: 2000m3/h~68000m3/h, 1000CFM~40000CFM

Cooling coils: 4/6/8 Rows, 12FPI for DX Coil, 10FPI for CW coil.

Customize design specifications and structure are offered.

Interior installation and Exterior installation are available.

Can be designed according to client's requirement.

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