Vertical Air Handler(Indoor)

Vertical Air Handler(Indoor)

  1. Air Flow:1000CFM~15000CFM(Vertical installation);
  2. Vertical draw-thru arrangements for heating, cooling, ventilation applications;
  3. 25mm/50mm Double-wall construction, pre-painted galvanized steel panels ensure structural integrity under all operating conditions.
  4. High-efficiency centrifugal fan minimizes turbulence and reduces operating costs;
  5. Famous brand high-efficiency TEFC Motor, IP55/IP54, Class F ;
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Indoor Cabinet Air Handlers can be horizontal, vertical, ceiling suspended installed.

The LAV Series cabinet air handlers are compact and fully assembled, they usually include prefilter, cooling coil/heating coil, supply fan and motor, etc.

Fan and motor system

1.Air Flow: 1000CFM~15000CFM for vertical unit.

2. Cooling Coils: 10FPI, 4 rows, 6rows, 8rows according to cooling capacity;

3. Prefilter MERV8/G4 is external equipped;

4. Nicotra/Deton Centrifugal fan, fixed/variable frequency motor;

5. Power supply: 380~415V/3PH/50Hz, 220V/3PH/60Hz, 440V/3PH/60Hz, 460~480V/3ph/60Hz

Vertical Air Handler Unit

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